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Surprisingly enough, in 3D Mark , the Kyro 1 and 2 aren’t very far apart. We have already written that the peculiarities of the architecture of this chip doesn’t allow for lifting the frequency. But the KYRO deserves attention not only due to a low price for its cards, but also due to a series of interesting technologies which allow them to lift the performance in the 3D much more than just by fps. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The KYRO based cards cost today even less than the GeForce2 MX, that is why the only obstacle in the way of popularization of these cards is a small number of companies which are producing them.

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Fast shows card’s work in bit color and High Quality shows card’s work in bit color.

There were some issues I experienced with certain driver revisions. The GPU is equipped with a roundish cooler with an effective fan. However, activation of the S3TC together with the trilinear filtering makes the losses of propyet latter smaller.

Hercules 3D Prophet XT (STMicroelectronics KYRO)

In the box you can find: In bit color the situation is similar to the previous test. But the S3TC bears fruit, and the gap is not so critical!

But not everything is so perfect. Video 3Digests Video cards: But this technology is just earlier and, therefore, slower in a realization frequency. These tests were run before the newer October 15 official drivers were released.


File:Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT 64MB PCI.png

This could be a result of driver improvements or the 1. Write a comment kydo. If you’re on a really tight budget and you’re buying retail, look no further than the XT. Here the results are somewhat different.

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Unfortunately, the situation connected with such a way rpophet debugging of drivers is unpleasant. In X at 75 one can see a sharp image. Quake3 Arena demo, standard settings The tests were carried out in two modes: The difference consists in the arrangement of the memory chips.

For estimation of 3D quality we used the id Software Quake3 v. A buyer of such a card must has an Rpophet access all the time to update the software. The card is traditionally sky-blue.

On the one hand, it is pleasant that the debugging process is so fast, but, on the other hand, how dare they release products with raw software? In our 3Digest in the S3TC part I am studying this issue in detail, that is why I recommend you to read this material, where you can also look at the screenshots and make sure that the activation of the texture compression worsens the quality of the KYRO to the least extent propyet all 3D chips.

It is based on the original Kyro graphics chip, the one that came before the Kyro 2 used in the Prophet that we reviewed nearly five months ago and is as such, considered to be previous-generation hardware.


I’ve included Kyro 2 numbers so you can directly compare the two chipsets. Of course, being an older chip, it doesn’t even have full Direct X 7 hardware support it lacks of hardware TL and Direct X 8 is completely out 40000xt the picture. Detonator XP version For testing we used drivers from STMicroelectronics of 7. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: That’s because video cards are meant to play games I’d hope they’d fix the problem but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet.

Test results The 2D quality is just excellent.

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Besides, this PCB has a smaller size. The KYRO based cards cost today even less than the GeForce2 MX, that is why the only obstacle in the way of popularization of these kyrp is a small number of companies which are producing them.

Besides, the drivers are constantly being debugged. Surprisingly enough, in 3D Markthe Kyro 1 and 2 aren’t very far apart.


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