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Its time to improve the driver with a variable frequency control so the driver can be used with most conventional monitor flyback transformers without changing any parts, but merely turn the potentiometer. Also try adjusting your POTS until you get the best output, in my case I had to to put the electrodes close to each other to start the arc and then draw it out after. May 22, at Pinout For those of you who have never seen a flyback transformer before, it may be a bit tricky to know where the primary, ground and other pins are. It works great so thanks Mads.

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Since the power supply shorted, I cannot get the circuit to work, but I have power going to the components.

transformer – Flyback NEN driver and mosfet overheat – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Lower duty cycle on the will not provide that, infact the opposit. Hi mads, I have built this circuit before i built the zvs,i found that each time i pull the negative or positive wire far away from each other then the IC blows. I installed the 5555 on a old CPU heat sink with fan, the timer circuit is also installed underneath this heat sink, its then all put on the side of the flyback transformer with wire strips. Sorry, I forgot one thing more, that configuration of the schematic it is not a pure pwm because the frequency is modified too in the control voltage pin of the number 5 Use a pure pwm configutarion, why?


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– NE Flyback Driver MOSFET failiure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Hi Carlos You need audio source that is powerful flybsck to drive the pin 5 of the timer, maybe you just need to turn up the volume for the output of the radio, using the line output will properly not be enough!

The other adjusts the duty cycle and flybqck it possible to adjust how much power is put into the arc, low power gives thinner arc and high power gives thicker and hotter arcs.

Use a pure pwm configutarion, why? I dont understand how you tune the frequency. I use the irfp, and don’t have this problem, do you have a lot ad of some sort? I also burned my finger! One and a half years later I decided to try this again, but this time I knew flybaci I was doing.

Fewer turns mean higher voltage, but increased mosfet power dissipation. If the mosfet heats add more turns, remove turns to increase power.

Varying the voltage in the astable mode will flybxck a frequency modulated FM output. I tried with secondary ground connected to primary ground and circuit went pop.

This is a pretty standard astable design.

555 Audio modulated flyback

The duty cycle can be change with RV1 as you can see. I was using battery of 10 — 12V to run the circuit, and in like seconds of arcs, it just stop oscillating, I was able to hear Flyback slowing down until it stopped working. I wanted to do a audio modulated flyback arc flybqck few components and a small form factor. You can salvage flyback transformers from old computer CRT monitors, virtually free!


Flyback Transformer Drivers

March 23, at Email Required, but never shown. I almost burnt a computer nearby. Pictures Spark at 5v. This circuit is nice if an intention is to get maximum voltages out of a flyback, by tuning the resonant capacitor you alter the efficiency, too.

Skip to content This single transistor flyback driver topology was created in response to achieve higher efficiency and higher output voltages from ordinary CRT television flybacks diode split flybacksfor experiments such as x-rays or ionic lifters, without having to make any external HV multipliers. May 1, at IRFs work here fine but their internal resistance is quite high so they tend to heat up. This allows us to pulse width modulate the output on pin 3 of the timer.

However, you just disconnect the original primary from the 12V rail and get a separate D. My personal recommendation is whatever you do, just avoid hot glue, it makes things worse. For general use, 3 to 10 turns should be right for this driver.

For loud sparks, charge a capacitor mosfey the output, or make yourself a multiplier. December 13, at As you can see here [youtube http:


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