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Check current price at Amazon Qanba Obsidian Review This simple, yet amazing-looking slab-like arcade stick stands out with its glossy black surface, metallic balltop, aluminium panels and LED lighting on the sides. I imported it so I had to pay for the import fees, but I am glad to have bought this fine arcade stick. Just so everyone knows, there’s a firmware update that allows to play wired on a Switch but didn’t test that specifically It’s somewhat confusing how to connect wireless to a Switch. I bought one of these when I built my Raspberry Pi arcade machine on a chance because it had enough buttons to be used for fighting games and it was cheap. You could also use this stick for small projects, like if you were to build your own little Raspberry Pi retro machine. Want an awesome fightstick that is ready to go, no modding needed because it already has your favorite parts fitted?

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One of the F button pins I did notice was bent while switching them out. The Atrox is also made to be customized, as the hardware opens up so you can tinker with the internal components. As perfectly workable as this solution is, it complicates learning a new game.

It brings the arcade experience to your home, and that is a good thing for people who do not go to arcades or simply do not have one in Sticks, for my money, are just more comfortable.

The joy stick is nice and steady easy to move around aarcade constant dashing. It gives audible and tactile clicks when it actuates, and getting arcdae use larger arm motions makes executing quarter circles almost easy. The larger, spaced out buttons also dramatically change things. An excellent stick that gives you a very close approximation of the arcade experience at a reasonable price.


Closing the lid, the rest of the Panthera doesn’t feel as elegant. But joystick and the 30 mm buttons are easily moddable. That’s a good thing. Out of the box, the stick is weighty, comfortable, and surprisingly responsive for containing gray market parts. Support Direct Input and X-Input. If you’re an arcade stick pro, the stock stick and buttons feel similar to Hori’s Hayabusa but with more tension. The standard model has Razer’s logo slathered over the front in a PlayStation-inspired blue, eight face buttons labeled with the PS4 controls they’re bound to, a ball top joystick, and figntstick section for a number of less common controls like the touchpad, R3, L3, and a few special toggles just for the fightstick.

If you are not willing to do this you MAY not like a arcade stick.

And, after a lengthy play session, I don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself that much closer to arthritis. Smug, one of the most incredible players of Street Fighting boxer Dudley ever to walk the earth, also uses a controller — and, really, figntstick at his combos. Razer even throws in a screwdriver for any of your modding needs, such as customizing the joystick or any of the ten buttons.

The alternative was downloading and lc Razer’s Xinput drivers, at which point Windows and Steam considered the Panthera to be an Xbox controller. Here’s what I did: If you think the buttons are too loud, instead of buying the silent model or buying silent buttons, just trace the buttons over a blue wypall cloth google it and cut out little gaskets.

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This arcade stick is a great controller to use with the Fihhtstick Switch, although you can only use it through USB meaning it can only connect to the switch dock or to a switch USB adapter if you own oneit’s great fighystick those who play competitive fighting games or even for casuals who play games like Namco Museum or even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


If you don’t want to connect a PS4 or XB1 controller to fighsttick stick to make it work with those systems, you can buy Magicboots adapters that fit in the The difference between making a full sweep with your wrist versus just the tip of your thumb, or mashing a pair of buttons with two fingers versus just the tip of your thumb again, is readily apparent when you switch from a controller to a fightstick. I imported it so Pv had to pay for the import fees, but I am glad to have bought this fine arcade stick.

You would be wise to account the modding costs to the total price.

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Razer’s Panthera may at first seem like gaudy throwback to retro arcades, but experiencing a fresh set of Sanwa buttons and an unused Sanwa joystick in the comfort of your own home without any quarters on the line gives you time to appreciate the hardware. In stock on January 2, Ball top and bat top grips Cable length: I’ve modded them heavily.

So, what are your options? I can now confidently say the only thing cheap on arcadw is the price.

Why do ppl give this a bad rating based on shipment problems. It also comes in a variety of colors. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale.


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