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Read about it in this post. This sets up a hub that can receive connections from a node reporting that there are browsers available to test with. To do this, we need to complete our final step definition. Due to the rapidly evolving world of technology, some concepts may no longer be applicable. Create this file in the same directory as composer. But here comes a problem – these are very different tools and they have much different APIs. We start by getting the page instance again, before using a CSS selector to grab the title of the first result on the page.

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Mink comes with a special hookthat searches javascript or mink: In some cases it might not be enough when you use http-only cookies for example. The browser parameter is what browser will be used to run the test. This sets up a hub that can receive connections from a node reporting that there are browsers available to test with.

Behat + Selenium2 / Webdriver – mheap

Note that we also installed two Mink drivers – goutte and selenium2. What version of the selenium package are you on? But restarting the browser after each scenario could slow down your feature suite very much.


Which brings us on to…. To get around this, I use Selenium Grid to run bwhat tests remotely on my iMac. There was no method listed when we ran.

The entire step looks something like this:. Post as a guest Name.

Behat + Selenium2 / Webdriver

This will create the features folder, along with FeatureContext. Thankswait funcion worked for me. You can follow mheap on Twitter. In that case, just add an insulated tag to your scenario.

Node mode registers that you have available seleniun and fires up browser windows to automate. OS appears to be: Next, we need to fill in the search box.

Behat + Selenium2 / Webdriver with MinkExtension

Selenium 3 is a step towards the W3C standard for Selenium. The browser in this case will be fully reloaded and cleaned before scenario: Cannot find firefox binary in PATH. I am running the example search-with-autocompletion test that employs the javascript tag in a scenario.

Soon after publishing my last post, Everzet commented and posted a link to some MinkExtension docs.

Selenium2Driver — Mink documentation

Tools, GUI applications, web applications, etc. Then, we use getText to get the text content of the node. This article was published 6 years ago.


Scenario steps would simulate a user and the browser emulator would simulate a browser with which the user interacts in order to talk to the web application.

Mink integration into Behat happens thanks to MinkExtension. We initialise a new Mink instance using the selenium2 driver.

The node may end up with wrong timeouts. So by default, Mink tries hard to reset your browser session without reloading it cleans all domain cookies.

I found the best way to mitigate that multiple popup thing is to do: By extending MinkContext, we inherit a lot of built in steps to use when driving Selenium. The next thing to do is to fill in the search box.


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