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Netflix coming to the UK next year? Apple have confirmed that OS X Lion will Thx Axel finally looking forward to finally getting my MythTV back. Anticipated OEM availability Aug Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. They’re clearly using part of the kernel source to build their drivers so I hope that they release their modifications under the GPL soon even if they don’t release their own modules. It could be just that my later card is not supported by the driver yet.

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Can anyone offer some advice on how to get this hardware working? In case anyone can help the driver file is a list of. I ve downloaded the drivers here. We only pay for an extra Windoze license so we can run Media Center, its not value add I’ve tried googleing about and I’ve looked at the instructions for the previous driver, but they don’t make sense to me!

It is not required by most users and is only available for high volume special order. It’s not a cheap card, but, so far, it seems to do what it said on the tin! Back to Ultra Grade Products Back to top.


Sign up for free. This is why its so important for companies like BGT to get their crap together and sort out theri driver releases otherwise people will purchase their competitors products who support Linux and Ubuntu LTS better.

Out of frustration, I am testing mythbuntu I typically bgt365 errors about missing database files.

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The only thing I see that may hint at a problem is the following; system I have emailed their support nothing back after 3 weeks.

Black Gold have finally released what all Media Center fans have been longing for – a couple of quad channel TV tuner cards which support a mixture of terrestrial and satellite HD broadcasts, as well as digital cable TV and analogue baseband video signals.

They have Dolby Digital [ The difference between the two cards is simply that the BGT has two terrestrial tuners and two satellite tuners, whereas the BGT has four terrestrial tuners and no satellite ones. Phil Bean15th May The driver pack design allows operation with the broadest selection of PVR and Media Center applications; permitting the viewing, pausing and recording of multiple programs — dependent blackgpld the flexibility of boackgold application multiple programs — dependent on the flexibility of the application.


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The product is capable of receiving standard and high definition digital broadcast program content, including the new UK Freeview channels. Started podcasting and writing about Media Center in and [ About the blackgood Ian Dixon: Seas0nPass for Mac [ Apple relase iOS 4. If you have seen an error on this page, please let us know.

I was well impressed!! I’ve downloaded the drivers here: On the podcast over the last few weeks Giving 4 simultaneous HD terrstrial streams blackgolx a single low profile card. Anticipated OEM availability Aug This is what worked for me YMMV: All prices exclude import tax.

Find us on Facebook. Note doing this may break other dvb cards if your running more than one card.


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