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File ; import library. He loves to be with his wife and cute little kid ‘Freedom’. Can any one please help taking screen shots and saving on specific folder on Mac while running selenium webdriver automation scripts using java?? WebDriver ; import org. Generally, scripts fail in 2 situations.

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Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you captjre that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Lyu, Can we get the screen shot names as Test case names??

Sign up using Facebook. We need to design script in such a way that we can utilize script code as much webdriger possible. Hi raj, when you are using ITestResult interface we need to implement that interface right…with out implementing interface can we directly use in screenshot method Thanks.

We could easily identify where exactly the script got failed by seeing the screenshot.


Which means placing the test steps in try block and screen capture statement in catch block. You are able to create some wrappers for operation to resolve your problem. Please refer official doc for ITestResult 2- AfterMethod is another annotation of TestNG which will execute after every test execution whether test case pass or fail AfterMethod will always execute. Generally, scripts fail in 2 screemshot.

In my local drive for now Above code will execute fine and if test case will fail it will capture the screenshot.

To take screenshot of failed test case in Selenium Webdriver – LATEST SOFTWARE TESTING NEWS

OutputType ; import org. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

File ; import library. FileUtils ; import org. In you’re test, add a public field of this class and when the test fails, the rule will take the screenshot.

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To take screenshot of failed test case in Selenium Webdriver

One of the options you have in this case can be, to create a string of date and time that is going to be unique, like sflenium One suggestion is that you set up a Context class and put the information you want e. AfterMethod ; import org. Then catch it here and out put Screenshots.


By ; import org. If you have missed it, you could check the detailed post on how to capture screenshot using Selenium WebDriver. I hope you got me?? Instead of creating a static name for a screenshot file like “screenshot. Sign up using Email and Password.

ITestResult ; import org. OutputType ; import org. Can you please help me?? Utility ; import org. Earlier I have posted a detailed post on how to capture a screenshot using Selenium WebDriver. Lyu 4 Rule public ScreenShotRule screenshotRule.


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