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Post as a guest Name. Celerity itself was eventually wrapped by the similar sounding Culerity. Assuming all goes were, here are the results you get:. From the earliest days of the project Watir has had people dedicated to building a community around it. The challenge of bringing Watir into complete compliance with the WatirSpec was taken up by Jarmo Pertman and culminated in the release of Watir 3. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Automated Testing with Watir and RSpec, Part 1

webddriver That’s because I can only put part of myself down into words. There is, however, a library called winautogui that some people have used to test desktop applications via Ruby. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

ceerity The selenium-webdriver gem which watir-webdriver is built on does not support HtmlUnit directly. Alister Scott on January 22, You can spend a lot of time looking through various Wiki pages or blog posts to figure out the bits of information you need to eventually have a fully working solution.

I created two methods in the class: Sign up using Facebook.


File: README — Documentation for watir ()

Used to find a text field with a given default valueor a button with a given value. Selenium RC with Rails integration and enhanced assertions.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. And what that means is running your test with a browser that does not have a graphical user interface. Used only for formthe webdrivre attribute of a form is either get or post. The primary expensive commercial UI testing solution at the time was owned by Mercury Interactive and Selenium is known to be a cure for Mercury poisoning.

Then along came WebDriver.

Category: Browser testing – The Ruby Toolbox

Yet there was a timeout with interaction. What that means is that you can use HtmlUnit by launching the Java WebDriver server and then pointing watir-webdriver at it.

As it turns out, RSpec can work quite well in this regard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your webdrver address will not be published. This post by Alister Scott originally appeared on watirmelon.

Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. No search term specified. A common method simply retrieves the appropriate test data, and provides it to the step to use. This category does not have a description yet. Since each id waatir be unique, according to the XHTML specification, this is recommended as the most reliable method to find an object.


Finds the item using XPath query. I’d advise that you not automatically discard either viewpoint when they conflict or accept either as truth when they agree. Show me the code!

Title was reflective of content. For anyone wondering, the webdrive regex to use at the time of writing is this: All of this explains how we ultimately got Watir-WebDriver. It aims to mimic the behaviour of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the application.

Low commit activity in last 3 years. In many ways Watir started life very much like the popular tool Selenium.

This code was implemented by Jarmo and released as Watir 4. WebDriver is a tool for writing automated tests of websites.


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