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Consulting Training Feasibility studies System architecture. Sensor SNR is 45db which I’m not sure is good or bad compared to other cams? Noise and the rolling shutter would be my main concerns This is the main discussion forum. Board cameras USB 3.

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Any decent 50mm C-mount lens will do the trick. Last edited by Chris-B on Sun Feb 10, 6: The dynamic range is 68db, again good or bad Most expensive digital camera: Dgk you will no doubt have read, the option that for example, Tonewheels and I went with was a really good PAL camera.

Imagingsource DFK 31bf03 FireWire Camera

And remember the best gift you can make is often a good old fashioned link: Uncompressed video cameras are used df, in scientific, industrial, microscopy, machine vision, computer vision and photography applications that require real-time processing of the video stream. Telecine camera and lens option Forum covering all aspects of small gauge cinematography! Footswitch software for IC Capture. Standard cameras can be used with many software packages and avoid vendor lock-in. Ok, then I’m a bit confused, as I thought I heard larger pixels were worse.


Ying Mei fine DFK 31BF03 H DFK 41BF02 DFK 41AF02 DFK 41BF02 H

But if this is one of the better options in my price range I may consider it. The site has the full spec – with.

There are a few things that worry me.

Optics Lenses Board lenses Tubes and rings Filters. Industrial cameras USB 3. Like the rolling shutter, what problems can this cause in a telecine set up?

IC 3D – User friendly stereo calibration, depth estimation and 3D visualization. Canon SLR mount Sigma: This allowed plenty of time to develop and buy the surrounding hardware, for a system that is upgrade-proof to machine vision spec. Whitepapers about Cameras Industrial Cameras: That high end lens was a test.

reference list cameras | Selection aid

Sensor SNR is 45db which I’m not sure is good or bad compared to other cams? Hard to find info to compare too What kind of quality would I expect from this, would it be too noisy?

I know firewire is faster but I would be happy with something upto 3fps. Note that some features may be optional.


I have one with a C-Mount adapter I use on my Bolex. USB2 is potentially as fast as Firewire and their claimed rate of 32 fps at x is about as fast as you’ll get with FW Is this an unrealistic budget?

Filmshooting World’s largest cine community and film forum Skip to content. Board cameras USB 3. Or you can just let me know what camera you use, weather it’s in my price range or not.

The Imaging Source Industrial DFK 31BF03 | Saber1 Technologies, LLC

Hey Fred, does that include the manual Canon FD lenses? Our comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3. Also note that there IIDC cameras are currently much better supported on various platforms; USB3Vision cameras are only starting to appear and notoriously lack open-source drivers. IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab


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