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If the capture only included the transitions of interest, then the decoders stopped short of the last decode i. Hardware Trigger Formula View a. Option to use Template’s option settings or to ignore. All Trigger mode settings are retained in each project making it convienient to switch modes without having to reconfigure your settings. Corrected – By default, the signal name was used as the export file name. If for some reason the drivers are required later, they can be found in the “Driver” subfolder of the installation directory.

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A ghost image of the window is seen when not over a dock area or when using the Control key to override the docking feature. If multiple plots are enabled for the signal, Marker snaps and measurements will function on the selected plot.

Each Waveform window has a “birdseye” navigation bar across the bottom of the window showing marker positions and the viewing location relative to the entire data captured.

Trigger Modes Version 9. Prior versions will not open projects saved or created by Version 8.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

The selections for opening and creating projects has changed to always use the revised “Startup Selections” window, micgoscope to “DigiView Project Selections”. Go Forward through Next Zoom levels and Positions after going backward. If you have manually resized any row that is not displaying a Plot and want to return it to the default size, use the new menu option of “Resize rows to fit text height”.


Delete the entire history. Opens a list of Feature Windows to add to the project. Ear Camera, Duyoi Wireless Otoscope with 1.

Automatic Window selection by mouse movement a. We also have custom Windows and OSX software designed specifically to work with the microscope.

Can be invoked from the File menu at any time. Corrected an error in the base parser code that could potentially have digivkew all built-in and plug-in decoders. Sub-signals of an expanded signal that are ignored or have a configuration error will no longer display in the Waveform view.

Model DV – Changed the hardware behavior when the prefill option is changed. Saving was completed before the freeze, so no project data was lost. If left floating microscpe Docked, the new Search Manager button will focus or bring the existing one into view if hiddenbut will not create another manager. Scroll 5 Divisions Horizontally.

MP USB Digital Microscope with 50x ~ x Magnification – Product | Digitech Industries

Trigger Setup New icons indicate disabled,ignored,parse error, missing signals. Quick Measurements will snap to a transition edge when near and microxcope the Signal of the starting ub ending measurement point. Plug-in Developer’s Kit Version 1. Any combination of markers can be selected instead of just adjacent pairs.


The measurement is always displayed for the ending Signal. Direct to Trigger, Sequencer Stages and the Formula is displayed for the selected function. Search Manager a.

This applies to any window that does not already utilize the Escape-Key for other functions i. Starting with this version, the default is disabled.

Plugable USB USB Microscope – Plugable

Older Versions DigiView Version 8. This feature does not delete the data from the capture history, just the display. Auto-run sequences can be halted by a command from a plug-in or match criteria in an auto-search.

Version 8 enabled plot drawing for the first selected field. Corrected Post Trigger Buffer Configuration. Corrected – If a new List Window was created before any data was captured, the software could possibly hang.

Birdseye Click-snap to marker Print and Image Export.


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