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These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Changes could be made to achieve the same result, for example by changing the triac to a silicon controlled rectifier or other transistor based circuit, or even a mechanical relay, and using a different circuit to achieve the turn-on timer function such as a timer, a Schmitt trigger CMOS circuit or even a microprocessor, although these are considered to be clumsy implementations. Alternatively, the turn-off delay circuit may be associated with the load, or turn-off delay may be inherent in the physical design of the load, particularly where the load is inductive. PurpHaze , Nov 4, Rather, the scope of the invention described herein is limited only by the claims appended hereto. The turn-off delay circuits 47 a and 47 b function as both a smoothing network for the DC signal passed through Triac Q 1 and also a snubber network that clamps and dissipates the energy that is held in the coils L 3 and L 1 of the solenoid valves 17 a or 17 b when the power is removed.

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The collapsing field is captured via inductor L 2 and capacitor C 4 and is then shorted out via the flyback diode D 6. Turn off time and remove the connectors at the double, untangle the wires and fire each solenood with the station master, they all come on.

It should be appreciated that the scope of the invention is not limited to the embodiment described herein. Item is in your Cart.

If we can’t fix it, we will send you an Amazon e-Card reimbursement for your product purchase price. Referring to the irrigation controller 15 only the water zone or station output current sources for stations 1 doublwr 5 inclusive are shown, together with the connection C for the return conductor The first turn on delay timer to time out a predetermined period before operating said first switching circuit and the second turn on delay timer to time out a predetermined period before operating said second switching circuit may each be a transistor based RC timer circuit.


When it solejoid desired to doub,er an additional solenoid operated valve, usually there will not be sufficient cabling as the system will have been originally installed with only the required cabling, and without any capacity for expansion.

Should I get a standard ohm reading for the valve at the clock on the leg that is doubled? Thus, in most modern irrigation controllers, the apparatus described in U.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It was more expensive than I maybe thought it should be, but considering the time it saved, it was well worth it.

PurpHazeNov 3, Conversely, when 24 volts AC appears between terminal 3 and common connection C, this voltage signal is half wave rectified by diode 33 b to produce a positive potential at the encoder output 23 relative to the return conductor In accordance with a further aspect of the invention, there is provided a method of independently controlling two loads connected to two alternating current power supplies by a source conductor and a return conductor.

The varistor is used to clamp the input cable 25 and to capture any power spikes before they enter the decoder.

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The decoder circuit also provides a booster mechanism that acts like a capacitive discharge system, which means that the inrush current to pull a valve coil in is lowered and the holding current is all that needs to be handled by the cabling.

It should be appreciated that the discussion is not an acknowledgement or admission that any of the material referred to was part of the common general knowledge as at the priority date of the application. Battery management system and method and battery powered appliance incorporating the same. This low solfnoid current triac is preferably capable of switching with gate currents as low as 5 mA.

When the first input 21 a is powered, the first load 17 a will be switched on, and when the second input 21 b is powered, the second load 17 b will be switched on. Solenoid valve 18 which was already in place, is shown connected to station output 1but otherwise plays no part in the embodiment. Apparatus as claimed in claim 3 wherein the turn-off delay circuit comprises a diode and capacitor connected in parallel, connected in series with an inductor, which when in circuit is connected across the load which is connected to the relevant output.


Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Apparatus as claimed in claim 1 wherein the first turn on delay timer to time out a predetermined period before operating said first switching circuit and the second turn on delay timer to time out a predetermined period before operating said second switching circuit are each a transistor based RC timer circuit.

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Troubleshooting Doublers

This is an important feature as it means that it is possible to set up retrofits using a master valve and a station valve. Generally, the higher value the capacitor is, the higher solrnoid of inductor is used.

I check from the common to the valve wire that is hot, I get 11 volts. The apparatus has an encoder circuit 11 with two inputs 21 a 21 b for connection doublee the two AC sources, and an output 23 for connection to the single conductor 25and a decoder circuit 13 having an input 27 for connection to the conductor 25and two outputs 29 a 29 b for connection to loads 17 a 17 b respectively.

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I had too few wires headed to a few valves in my yard which would have required me to trench and bury a ton of wire. When power is switched by the triac Q 1the triac passes half wave DC through L 2 and charges up C 4in addition to actuating coil L 1 of the solenoid valve 17 b.

The output 23 of the encoder circuit 11 soolenoid connected to one end of solenlid single conductor 25 which would have been, prior to modification of the irrigation system, typically connected already to the existing solenoid 17 a. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.


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