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This example comes from a screen test on a laptop that is configured so the external graphics device is on X screen 1 note the screenNo option rather than the default screen 0. To fix that, replace: With certain types of serial ports, a reboot of the computer may be required to complete the driver installation. For this reason, an auxiliary file, EloVideo. You must click “Apply” button to implement any or all changes. Click the Back button to modify any of the previously made selections. This section will explain the most common ways that the driver is installed.

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Elo Touch Solutions Driver User Manual

Target Locations on the Screen. It may be turned off by unchecking the Beep check box.

When Video Alignment is selected, the following 2 screens will appear. Each Properties page contains information extracted from the touch screen’s controller and the system about the monitor, touch screen, controller and internal drive. In addition, you can connect multiple touch-screens to a system and each separate touch-screen can be connected through USB or serial. If the user touches the screen and continues to touch, a right click is generated on the screen as long as the user remains within the Right click area and after the Right click delay time-out has occurred.

Page History Login to edit. The EloSetup program for this driver may also be run as an attended srial unattended program from a command line, batch file, etc. Enter the number of seconds that the failure message will be displayed on the screen.


To fix that, replace: Review and accept the License Agreement by clicking “Yes”. The EloVA icon will launch the video alignment touchmonltor only for the monitor associated with the current Properties page.

Touch-Screen POS Monitor Pricing

Because there are many options to consider when installing the driver files, this section will cover the most segial ways the driver can be installed. Xorg evdev Evdev is the current way to set up a Elo touchscreen.

I just played with them until it worked. Elo Touch Solutions makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. If you have athen you can just edit elo After touchmonifor Usage Type, click Apply to apply the changes made.

This option sets the registry value.

Each Properties page also contains a Video Alignment section that has two functions:. To change the user language you must install the package again on the system and select desired language from the dropdown language menu.

Elo TouchSystems makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties touhcmonitor merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Click on Elo icon at the bottom of the screen Elo Tool Tray and a control panel screen appears.


Control Panel Elo Mouse Properties. Click on the Elo icon in the status bar. Advanced screen will appear.

Elo Touchscreen | Elo Monitor | Touch Screen POS Monitor

This also applies to all other installation configurations. Select Elo driver, then select Remove. If the standard 3-point calibration is performed on the same device again, the EMParams sub-key will be removed. Click Next to complete the installation of the driver files. Follow the procedure for Single monitor, USB controller installation above.

Xorg evdev

The Control Panel application allows configuration eo the driver to suit application programs and presents system and diagnostic information to the user. Note that the double-click box size is independent of screen resolution and must be defined for each toucchmonitor. You will then be asked to touch various points on the screen to verify that the cursor appears at the position touched.

Some touch-screens come with both USB and Serial options where either one can be used, but not simultaneously.

Mouse Button Emulation Mode.


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