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This is not the universal rule, however, as the ten0ency of late ‘years has been toward doing away with this custom, aild a number of States have already passed laws abolishing the “Days of Grace. These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively shown that mistakes have been made which cause some sections or N. IL ctrUt 40’. Smith; Canning Factory; U. It is, therefore, unnecessary to mention any of these at length in this article.

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Publisher Independent, Greenville, West Part of Greenville Keywords: From this arrangement it will be seen evetest in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may be full acres-while another quarter of the same Section may be much larger or smaller. East Part of Greenville Keywords: Hoyt; John Shockey; C. The writer has adopted the names of the principal county offices which are most common in the Northern States, as in the Southern and New England States there are scarcely any two States in which the names or titles of all the county offices are identical.

Each Township is 2. The bill of exchange is one of the oldest forms of negotiable paper, and has been in use for a number sf-401 centuries.

The usual name, however, is’county recorder or register of deeds. The most important attribute of promissory notes, bills of exchange, and other 3550k of the same class, which distinguish them from hll other contracts, is their negotiability.


The War Departnient is also required, among other duties, to maintain the signal service and provide for taking meteorological observations at various points on the continent, and give telegraphic notice of the approach of storms.

Wilkins; Emma Kinney; A. The following list of such State boards and bureaus includes all that can be found in the majority of the States; some of them, h.

Nelson; John Brown; T.

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The general duties of the county treasurers throughout the various States is very similar. Wilson; Cary Nichols; J.

The Judge Advocate General is the head of the department of military justice. The sheriff is charged with the duty of keeping and preserving the peace in his county; or, as has been written, “he is the conservator of peace,” and it is his duty to keep the same, suppress riots, affrays, fighting, breaches of the peace and prevent crime, and may arrest offenders “on view” and cause them to be brought before: He audits the accounts of all public officers who are to be paid out of the St-ate Treasury, and all persons who are authori-zed to receive money out of the State Treasury.

Paine; John Slattery; N. It has been in use – ever since and is the legal method of describing and FL dividing lands.

In nearly all the States the law defines the character of the record books which the clerk of court must keep. They take proof of wills, direct the administration of estates, everes and revoke letters testamentary and of administration, appoint and remove guardians, etc.

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It is the duty of the county attorney to commence and prosecute all actions, suits, indictments, and prosecutions, civil and criminal, in any court of record in his county in which the “people of the State or county” may be concerned; to prosecute all forfeited bonds and recognizances, and all actions for the recovery of’ debts, revenues, moneys, fines, etc.


It represents the legislative and corporate powers of the county. Palmer; James Smith; E. In school affairs provision is made everrst handling the more complex educational interests of villages and cities-the school boards being made larger, 350i in many cases the scope of their authority is very much extended.

The constitution gives to Congress the following general powers: Peabody; Van Buskirk; Mrs. The drawer of a check is not a surety in the same sense as is the drawer of a bill of exchange, but is the principal debtor like the maker of a note. The county board has general charge over the affairs of the county.

Sorenson, Samuel, Farming, S. In civil matters provision is made in all of the States for the organization of villages and cities as corporate bodies, separate and distinct from the townships, and providing for the necessary officers to carry on the affairs of the municipality.

These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively shown that mistakes have been made which cause some sections or N.

This department was organized in


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