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Red Hat’s Hans de Goede, developer of the libv4l library, has more details on his continuous upstream webcam support enhancements at http: The most recent versions of emacs, mercurial, and php are included – no need to worry about downloading the latest and greatest, we’ve got them all. Get started at http: Support for Bluetooth audio devices lets you enjoy audio on your computer without the hassle of wires. You can read more information about the Fedora Project on our Overview page.

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You can even take handwritten notes on digital notebook paper. Fedora is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: Finally, Bluetooth audio support means pairing with any Bluetooth audio device makes it available for use through PulseAudio.

Fedora 12 Announcement – Fedora Project Wiki

Next-generation Ogg Theora video – For fedpra12 years, Theora, the open and free format not encumbered by known patents has provided a way for freedom-loving users to share video. And these features are all in addition to the world’s fedora21 popular web, SQL and application servers, creating a complete development and production environment in one easy to use platform.

Support for Nvidia and ATI systems is already under rapid development and will be included in the next release of Fedora.

You can even create scripts to perform complex tasks directly on guest disk images. Retrieved from ” https: Red Hat is not responsible for content. And for developers using Eclipse, version 3. There are extensive improvements in performance, management, and resource sharing, and fedofa12 more security enhancements. Our diverse community from all over the globe welcomes contributors of all types.


To try it, install the gnome-shell package, and use fedora112 Desktop Effects configuration tool to enable it.

The most recent versions of emacs, mercurial, and php are included – no need to worry about downloading the latest and greatest, we’ve got them all. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. Bluetooth headset support in action. Virtualization improvements – Not content with all the improvements in Fedora 11, we’ve kicked virtualization based on KVM up another notch in Fexora12 Smaller and faster updates – In Fedora 11, the optional yum-presto plugin, developed by Fedora contributor Jonathan Dieter, reduced update size by transmitting only the changes in the updated packages.

NetworkManager broadband and other enhancements – NetworkManager, originally developed by Red Hat’s Dan Williams, was introduced in Fedora 7 and has become the de facto network configuration solution for distributions everywhere. One page release notes. This lets us fit more software into each Fedora image, and uses less space on mirrors, making their administrators’ lives a little easier.

From artists to marketers to coders to testers to writers to translators and more, you can get involved. Fedora 12 Constantine is filled with improvements that make Linux better than ever for all types of users.


Cool new stuff for developers beginning with Eclipse Galileo, which includes more plugins than ever before. For comments or queries, please fedoraa12 us. A new initial ramdisk setup tool called Dracut helps keep boot time as low as possible.

Fedora 12 Announcement

You can even use Empathy to share your desktop with friends, so you can help each other learn and experience Fedora.

Improved mixer logic makes volume control more fine-grained and reliable. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Want to join the Fedora community and help us make the best Linux distribution even better? A refined interface that is more fedkra12 and informative Fevora12 for installing packages directly from the web browser Supports Fedora2 and KDE An available command-line plugin that finds software to support new commands when you run them.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Fedora Also, process privileges have been lowered for a number of core components that require super user privileges. Office productivity made easy: Retrieved from ” https:


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