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Biopolymer nanocomposite films reinforced with nanocellulose whiskers. Bioresource technology , , Angewandte Chemie International Edition , 51 48 , Common processes drive the thermochemical pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass. Fuel , 90 9 ,

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry A11 Microscopy and Microanalysis16 S2 Physical Review E83 6 Current opinion in biotechnology27, Langan, P. Industrial Biotechnology8 4 Carbon52, Changes in the structure of the cellulose fiber wall during dilute acid roston in Populus studied by 1 H and 2 H NMR.

Fsoton for biofuels7 1 Chemical composition and characterization of cellulose for Agave as a fast-growing, drought-tolerant biofuels feedstock. Polymer51 12 Biomass and bioenergy34 12Pingali, S.

Agave proves to be a low recalcitrant lignocellulosic feedstock for biofuels production on semi-arid lands. Biomass characterization of morphological portions of alamo switchgrass.

Common processes drive the thermochemical pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass. Analyst17 Bioresource technology, Angewandte Chemie International Edition fostoon, 51 48 Washington University in St.



Polymer Degradation and Stability96 11 Silicon cantilever functionalization for cellulose-specific chemical force imaging of switchgrass. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences35 Acta Crystallographica Section D: Comparative studies on hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic fx of leaves and internodes of alamo switchgrass.

Genetic manipulation of lignin reduces recalcitrance and improves ethanol production from switchgrass. Self-similar multiscale structure of lignin revealed by neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation.

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Deuterium incorporation in biomass cell wall components by NMR analysis. Analytical Methods7 11 Comparative transcriptomics elucidates adaptive phenol tolerance and utilization in lipid-accumulating Rhodococcus opacus Nucleic acids researchp.

Improving the mechanical and thermal properties of gelatin hydrogels cross-linked by cellulose nanowhiskers. Biotechnology for biofuels6 1 Bioresource Technology, Biological Crystallography66 11 Fiston and structural analysis by water-only flowthrough pretreatment of 13 C enriched corn stover stem.

Cellulose isolation methodology for NMR analysis of cellulose ultrastructure. BioEnergy Research6 1 Nova Publishing Science Publishers.


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