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Because, um, it’s got surround speakers. Watch it live here by John Falcone. Audio System Designed for. You also get Sonic Foundry’s Siren Jukebox Xpress, a digital music player and cataloguer sort of thing, but you might as well use Winamp. Speaker System Details Speaker Type. The ‘s actually not a lot less expensive than a proper entry level surround system.

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Inside the satellites is another scrap of BAF, and a magnetically shielded three inch driver of no particular merit. Hercules seem to describe this as a 50 watt system in their on-line specs listings, but it really doesn’t matter.

Cyber Monday sound bars herucles available now: The ring magnet on the back of the driver’s pole piece is there for magnetic shielding; it’s aligned in opposition to the driver’s own voice coil magnet, and the result is a much smaller radiated field, so you can put this sub close to a computer monitor without distorting the image.

Hercules XPS 210 Speaker Review @ Monkey Review.

The Gamesurround Fortissimo II is fancier, but not a great deal more expensive. Better than the usual single-driver tiny-box satellites, that’s for sure.

Ordinary floor-standing hi-fi speakers with six inch or larger bass drivers, plugged into any old second hand amplifier, will absolutely dung all over the bass response of pretty much any multimedia speaker system. First, the cheaper ones.

Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 1, The subwoofer’s as well sealed as the one, but there’s no lagging in it. Want a good, cheap, sound card to match?


For the money, the XPS system turns in an excellent performance. But at least it’s not a midrange speaker.

Hercules XPS Classic – PC multimedia speaker system – 12 Watt (Total) at Backoffice

But XG Player is, wait for it, another free-to-download program. How much noise you get per watt depends on the efficiency of the speakers, but unless your speakers are unusually inefficient, you won’t be using more than five watts RMS total, for normal listening. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, Hercules Europe’s page for the XPS Amazon Music makes Alexa chattier but just as dorky Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear.

Despite its high price, the ‘s sound quality is quite underwhelming. You probably won’t get mesothelioma from ’em – certainly not if they’ve got a sealed box with no port – but you should still wear gloves and a face mask if you open the box.

You could get the hang of pressing herculee power button with your toe, I suppose. Three, there’s some polyester fibre wadding – the white fluffy stuff – in there.

Review: Hercules XPS and speakers, and Gamesurround Muse XL and Fortissimo

On the plus side, multimedia speaker satellites are small and will fit pretty much anywhere. RCA plugs are commonly used as connectors for small speakers; they’re not really made for it, but they work fine for low power audio. First, its big brother. Their price niche should be well below any decent new hi-fi gear, and more than competitive with OK used stuff.


If you’re playing games and just want absolute maximum floorboard movement, never mind about the accuracy, then there are a few multimedia speaker systems that do very well indeed. You can, therefore, actually listen to music on this system and get a genuinely good stereo image. I don’t know what the XPS satellites look like on the inside, though, because they’re factory-sealed, and I didn’t bercules like sawing one open.

They herculees make it impossible for the user to get the positive and negative wires backwards on one or more satellites, and then wonder why things sound weird. The XPS is a “2. It’s good xxps the grilles look OK, mind xxps, because you can’t remove them.

Computer speaker systems should be cheap. This may be a very good product, but I have a deep-seated philosophical objection to karaoke, so I’m afraid I can’t say any more about it. The satellites sound pretty good. The XPS herculs are obviously, um, “inspired” by Bose ‘s smaller and more expensive Lifestyle System satellites. This is less than totally convenient, since the sub will probably be sitting under your desk or in some other hard to reach spot.


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