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Which email program are you using? Denny, I think you’re great. I sent 1 page to print 2 times and then another page to print 3 times and left the room while it printed. I have a hewlett packard c deskjet printer and i was wondering if i could print iron-on transfers like for a t-shirt with this printer. I have contacted Dell and they insist that it is not their problem, to contact HP.

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Some resistance is printsr. Never did this before IIRC, in the past I’ve always seen all three colors clearly even with a dry paper towel. I am not sure what is happening.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

Thanks ST, we were thinking it was that since we couldn’t see anything else going on. God bless you Dennis Conway.

With your printer turned on as normal, simply open the Top Cover and the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly will move over to around the center position. I have a hp deskjet c and i’m wondering why everytime i’m printing its slanted to the right side.


hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

Remove the rear access door and clean the rubber feed rollers with a damp cloth. I need a power cord for this model. Guess what, the C was not listed! I feed in the paper and hit the button. I suppose “fatal error” means it’s time to replace the printer, right?

hp deskjet 812c

They don’t have an infinite lift. Edge welds Humidity or static Bad or dirty separation pad Bend the pile of checks in to a “U” shape before putting them in the printer, this will help if they have edge welds. How can I correct this problem. Envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, photo paper, banners, peinter, glossy paper.

HP Deskjet c – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

It doesn’t seem to be the cable, and if it’s happening with both computers it may not be printef driver? The cartridges are guaranteed. This only happens with the new computer. Well not my printer.

I tried your suggestion and all 3 lights blink at the same time. I don’t mind buying another cartridge if that will likely fix the problem. Thanks Kai – Anonymous. You should see all of the colors yellow, magenta, and cyan flowing freely. Will sometimes print one complete page, then top of next page, the a piece of bottom on another page, omitting much material in between.


From the back, near the clean-out cover, insert a screwdriver between the right cover and the base coming in from the bottom. I have deleted drivers and reinstalled from XP. Thanks in pronter for your help! But the test printing comes out okay.

Riffling the edges can put a static charge on the paper, refer to previous paragraph if you have an urge to riffle. You should see yellow, mangenta, and cyan.

Thanks, Bert; that should have been obvious from when I cleaned it. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago.

See info page at ” http: And the instruction advises against installing the driver from the CD. I meant buy a new printer, not computer!


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