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Established in , The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, frame grabbers and video converters for production automation, quality assurance, logistics, medicine, science and security. Well, bad assumption on my part. Posted August 25, The latest version of ASCap. Basler Cameras A German manufacturer of a wide range of industrial cameras, some of which are suitable for astro imaging. Let me know if you need more information. I figured since two paths existed that you supported both drivers.

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All video devices connected to the computer are recognized automatically and multiple video sources can be opened in IC Capture simultaneously. These scripts are hidden behind the GUI of ImageJ, which makes it easy for beginners, but they can also be extended with a simple text editor.

The timer allows the time interval to be defined between two images. This configuration allows SharpCap to access more memory, thus reducing the likelihood of memory exhaustion while capturing.

Although our cameras are supplied with 10m amplified USB extension cables, which you can chain up to 30m, you can also control your image acquisition imabing a Remote Desktop, from another computer or even your mobile phone.

Well, bad assumption on my part.

Supported Cameras

Ascpm number of frames can be acquired and saved to a sequence of image files. The number of image frames, which are saved can be limited by either a specific number of by a time limit. If you find acquisition failing, close other applications and disconnect from the internet to improve system response on slow computers.


A German manufacturer of a wide range of industrial cameras, some of which are suitable for astro imaging. SharpCap supports Basler cameras, including those with Sourxe Ethernet connectivity.

Thanks for the info Martin Bernie.

OK, this is a strange one. I figured since two paths existed that you supported both drivers. In addition to manufacturing off-the-shelf cameras, grabbers and optics, we can also manufacture products tailored to your exact requirements. A dedicated astronomy camera capable of x pixels at 50fps will require a fast processor, more memory, an SSD and a USB3 port to achieve maximum performance.

Imaging Source DFK 21AUAS Colour – APT Forum

Temperature Control and Plotting If you have one of our cooled CCDs, you can set the temperature and plot it for each acquisition, along with the cooling power.

By comparison, I tried this on 2. Consulting Training Feasibility studies System architecture. Need help with this software? One time, by mistake, I left the chooser dialog box active and walked away.

The Imaging Source Astronomy Camera Software Downloads

Cameras supported via a Windows Webcam driver — includes most webcams modified and unmodifiedUSB frame grabbers and is also an option for many specialised cameras where the manufacturer provides a webcam driver sometimes called a WDM or DirectShow driver. Multiple major versions can co-exist, for imaaging 2. Looking at thr forums I dont think there is a plugin for maxim! This can be a good fall back option when SharpCap does not have aacom support for a camera.


Drivers and Software Downloads

If you do, Despeckle filter won’t work Use ImageJ for all image manipulation As a general rule, collect raw data! Ken, Thanks for the quick reply. This can be done by pressing the space key, pressing a foot switch, or automatically, using a timer.

Posted August 26, Thanks for the info tried that it kind of works but only in video mode I’m using it as a guide camera but can’t get the guide screen up.

It may have already been fixed. Sign up for a new account in our community. Ernie, SGPro does not support native drivers for your camera.

You can test the example Orient. No matter how may times I clicked on it, nothing happened.

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