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This gives your application more control and flexibility. Process the linear data transportation networks rely on. Configurable, simple-to-deploy mobile mapping apps. Promote constructability design with the ability to preview possible construction sequences. This powerful combination enables you to perform a plant walkdown without leaving the comfort and safety of your office! Point Cloud Integrator Module.

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Speed and improve decision-making process by accessing up-to-date information.


The module also improves communication, because you control the way the drawing will appear to others. Speed delivery of detailed outage alerts. Golden Valve Desktop Calendars. Monitor and control devices and track objects to detect possible threats. Intergraph InSight – Advantage provides complete reporting and analysis capabilities for larger data sets.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Reduce costs interrgraph allocating more personnel resources to designing and less on reviewing.

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Users can also monitor live feeds and create events based on observed incidents. Smart Review Cloud Performance. Plan large asset routes safely with automatic start-to-finish permit processing. Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information. You control lighting and display attributes for a realistic image with textures, patterns, shadows, and reflections, improving communication to clients and managers.


Publish high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button. We have pioneered both to support public sector challenges for more than four decades.

The Material Editor interface has been improved to make it more flexible and easier to minitor. Improve facilities management through direct access to documentation and maintenance records. Advanced tiling functionality does it fast. This gives your application more control and flexibility.

Intergraph MDSP 17″” CRT SVGA 7sd70 Monitor No Base | eBay

Intergraph InSight Data Warehouse. Optimize collaboration, communication, planning, and response. Intergraph Communications Controller integrates voice, text, and data mnoitor one easy-to-use system for Next Gen workflows.

Smart Review API module includes programming libraries that allow developers to create programs that run on Smart Review, though the API module is not a requirement to run the custom applications, merely to create them.

Enhance the complete life cycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management. Project managers rely on Microsoft Project to plan and manage their projects.

Video Responder automatically displays the closest feed to an event and enables users to access multiple feeds simultaneously. Provides dispatch centers with reporting and analysis tools to better understand call statistics, demand analysis, call-taker and dispatcher workloads, dispatch system performance, event details, events pending dispatch details, and more to better align resourcing to demand.


ScheduleReview takes information from project schedules and displays the project as it should appear on a specified intdrgraph, or flies through the model while displaying the construction ihtergraph demolition sequence.

Information from CCTV, traffic cameras, crime cameras, and other video surveillance systems can provide critical insight to incidents. This powerful combination enables you to perform a plant walkdown without leaving the comfort monitlr safety of your office!

Coordinate, communicate, and adapt to rapidly changing events. Data warehouse merges and cleanses data from different sources, providing a single source of truth for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis.

With a service area of two million people, E-Comm needed a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch solution to support its growing call volume with mobile and web capabilities. Integrate diverse jonitor and data sources to reduce risk. Material Editor enables you to create or choose colors and patterns easily for customizing your design appearance, then quickly adjust them for improved realism.


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