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I don’t know the actual screen resolution of your laptop, but generally speaking the medium Intuos model CTH is a terrific value and can handle large displays with great accuracy. I’ve been putting a lot of effort in it. I’m not sure about the eraser. I currently use a 5yr-old at least! Nevertheless, having a larger area can be more comfortable to work with.

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Hello, I just want to ask for an advice in buying my first tablet. You can always buy a new pen and it’s not that expensive, but this may offset the difference between an used and a brand new model.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

Wa for “harmony”, “circle” or “Japan” and Komu for “computer”. If you want the best possible and are comfortable working with a single display, buy a Cintiq. Thanks a lot Fabio. Unless you have a very heavy hand, nibs should last for a long time. Some people draw with broader strokes and adapt much better to the larger tablets.

Based jntuos your intended usage and display size, the medium regular Intuos model would suit you fine. By the way, the chart doesn’t have the Bamboo Create on it yet.

I use a an older large intuos at work where i am a textile designer. The larger models are necessary for applications that require higher resolution and more tablet area, like illustration and photo retouching.

Wacom – Wikipedia

It’s really good for the price. Buying my cintiq companion was an expensive mistake!! It really was a small tablet, when I was drawing in Illustrator I noticed I kept going off the edges of the tablet I’d be grateful if you could elaborate the difference with respect to the bundled software and its bearing on the price.


This makes a lot of sense for the general public and specially illustrators, who now have freedom to produce work anywhere without being tied to a computer. Most of my work is detail work. Thank you in advance for your help.

The pen works just fine even without directly touching the tablet surface. As the nibs were only short lengths of plastic, it was possible for a user wanting a more durable nib to improvise a replacement from a short length of nylon ‘wire’ approx 0. After one year of use, I see almost no wear on it and just a few hairline scratches, while my Intuos4 had very noticeable wear at about the same age.

Although I don’t see myself using the wireless kit yet, it’s nice to know that I have that option. You can always sketch using the pen tablet, place the sketches in a locked layer on your editing program and create the finished drawing over them. I want to do some digital art mostly paintings but i dont really understand how it works the relation between “Monitor size – tablet ” i have a 23″ widescreen Benq monitor nad i was thinking to buy a wacom capture. Keep in mind that you can change the tablet pressure sensitivity on the control panel and also combine it with the pen color, opacity and other dynamics in your drawing programs.


I love trackpads, way better on the cramped hand, and was about to be give the game point to the Bamboo CREATE — until I remembered it came with a mouse. You seem to suggest that it would, but find your answer more an educated guess than direct experience.

In this case, resolution also matters and an Intuos would be preferable. Hi Fabio, I like the picture very young, I recently work with illustrator and photoshop, but recently a friend told me are the Wacom tablets, which would you recommend between tables wacom bambo or Intuos5? I have had a tablet with another brand before but cnitiq sucked, therefor I am going Wacom. In my opinion, the price difference is well worth it.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

I did not buy an Intuos because I found it very expensive for the type of usage I will give to it. Getting them a Wacom tablet and some software is a great investment into their future.

The Intuos5 medium works wonderfully well with a single large display, like on the iMac. I would just like to add that by creating a new layer in the graphics program, the original drawing and the traced new layer are completely intjos images, one on top of the other. I am little bit confused, which one to buy.


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