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This is a language that follows object-oriented concept used to create executable contents such as applications and applets. The menu is designed to consist of various hyperlinks to move between different options available. Any request regarding cancellation, refund or other issues, e-mail has to be sent from the users e-mail address registered with KSRTC. Economic feasibility concerns returns from the investments in a project. Integration testing takes as its input modules that have been unit tested groups them in larger aggregates, applies test defined in an integration test plan to those aggregates, and delivers as its output the Integrated system ready for system testing. When the client wants to perform the functionalities in another system and see the result, a method in the remote system is invoked from the client.

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New Franchisee Procedure

Eticket print-out and ID proof needs to be produced to avail free travel facility in city services. Testing focuses on the external behavior of the system.

In scenario where payment is deducted from user, but ticket is not booked or confirmed, users are advised to check their booking status through email, SMS, online account — My Itineraries and Guest users through KSRTC website. Reseve Details Checking Resere the list passengers reserved for a particular bus.

Viewing the collected information, recommendation and justification, conclusions is made of the proposed system. Quality is not an absolute; it is value to some person.


Reerve charge is levied for these transactions in respects of tickets booked through online and mobile booking. Passengers can cancel their e-tickets from Mobile and vice versa. The implementation phase deals with issues of quality, performance, baselines, libraries, and debugging. Social Followers Followers. Java applets are pieces of java code that are embedded in HTML document using the applet tag.

In this project we have taken more care ksrtd bring this system well above there alms of the manual system. The system developed here can be upgraded or expanded, if necessary. Given the architecture document from the design phase and the requirement document from the analysis phase, the team should build exactly what has been requested, though there is still room for innovation and flexibility.

Test cases are constructed to test that all components within assemblages interact correctly, for eg across procedure calls or process activations, and this is done after testing individual modules, ie, unit testing.

Every software product has a target audience. White box testing includes all static testing. The Java programming language is indeed valuable for distributed network resevre like web. In this project, my aim to maximize my effort to computerize it accordingly that meet the entire passenger needs have successfully completed my project work on KSRTC ticket reservation system and the whole system has been done with sample data and output obtained is according to the requirements.

The user should always be in control of the application and not the vice versa. The data is stored in tables inside a database.


This directory is uploaded into the server space that has been allocated. As the organization existing in a dynamic and competitive environment evaluation ksetc a continuing activity. I also express my deep gratitude to my beloved teachers Ms.

The sub-system is linked with the entire system by some relational operation procedure. The testing is carried out in the programming style itself.

KSRTC users can now reserve bus tickets through AbhiBus – Tourism Breaking News

Each of these forms and their uses are discussed in the following section. The feature that must be included has been clearly specified at this stage. Output is the main objective of any system and has to be in a presentable form. The booking will be confirmed after the financial gateway approves the transaction. Economic feasibility This evaluation looks at the financial aspects of the project.

The project layout is categorized into different design for easy understanding.

Simulated usage of shared data areas and inter process communication is tested and individual subsystems are exercised through their input interface.

It may include removing errors and enhancing the existing system.

There are some validation checks for the fields. Black box testing treats the software as a black-box without any understanding of internal behavior.


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