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By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Blog posts are encouraged. Read more about the various models of reader on the libfprint wiki. But thank you anyway. Once the key has been acquired, it takes seconds to decrypt the password. Most laptops today ship with a fingerprint reader.

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See How to enable the integrated fingerprint reader. If you use full-disk encryption along with the fingerprint reader you should be OK — since even with physical access to your HDD no one could read the contents of it. Then logout – groups are only applied at login time. If this was an upgrade installation it’s possible some pieces got “left over” from Windows 7.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader – ThinkWiki

This page was last modified on 6 Mayat Both comments and pings are currently closed. Message 10 of I strictly followed the instructions:. September 12, at 9: Control Center window hang fixed FIX: Laptops normally come loaded with pre-installed software.


Lenovo Photo Library including lots of wallpapers. Company representatives didn’t respond to Ars Technica e-mails requesting comment for this article. It is not limited to a certain laptop model or manufacturer.

Erik Aas 2. September 8, at I had no issue at all with the fingerprint reader on an X when I installed Windows 10, nor on a T I just recently set up.

It works fine on my X, T, T, and W This shouldn’t make a difference, but from your date format showing on the driver screen it seems possible you are outside the U.

Widely used fingerprint reader exposes Windows passwords in seconds

If you ever registered your fingerprints with UPEK Protector Suite for accelerated Lenoovo logon and typed your account password there, you are at risk. We also prepared a demo application, which displays partial login credentials of users who enabled fingerprint login.

The readers were immediately available when I went into the settings module to upe, Windows Hello options. Does anyone have a working driver or software link?

According to the Arch Linux wikiyou might need to reboot or add yourself to the plugdev and scanner groups you should alread be in the plugdev group.

software installation – How do I install a fingerprint reader on Lenovo ThinkPad? – Ask Ubuntu

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Most laptops today ship with a fingerprint reader.


Fingerprint logon speed improved CHG: According to ElcomSoft, the key is always the same and can be reconstructed. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Views Read View source View history. Message 6 of The suite manages fingerprint reading hardware, offering users the convenience of substituting the typing of passwords with a single swipe of a finger.

Nothing really has been changed!!!

Use of the fingerprint software guarantees the success of the cracking operation, and it can also significantly reduce the time it takes. That means computers that use the UPEK app are at upke severe disadvantage compared with people who use a strong password to log in to a Windows account. Did you do a clean install of Win10 or did you upgrade?


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