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If voltages are present, replace the network daughtercard. Verify clutch for ACM is not slipping. Unlock the scanner if it is locked. Loading Paper In The Manual Feeder Loading paper in the manual feeder Use the manual feeder to print transparencies, labels, envelopes, or card stock. Observe the orientation of the flag and spring before replacing units.

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Unpack the photoconductor kit. Insert the Software and Documentation CD. To load longer paper, such as legal size paper: Press to save the margin setting. Press to select Scanner. Use Up or Down to toggle between Enable and Disable. Pressing the Up key moves the margins to the left. The first ecan of information displays.

Do not overfill the tray. A trailing edge was seen at the input sensor. Printing an envelope Load an envelope face-up in the manual feeder.

When Menu is pressed, the administrative menu is displayed. It may also indicate a problem in the transfer roll area. Het lasergedeelte en de printer zijn zo ontworpen dat bij normaal gebruik, bij onderhoud scn reparatie conform de voorschriften, nooit blootstelling mogelijk is aan laserstraling boven een niveau zoals voorgeschreven is voor klasse 1.


Press to select the currently displayed menu, or activate the currently displayed menu item. To determine the corrective action to repair an MFP, look for the following information: Unless otherwise stated, re-install the parts in reverse order of removal. Controller card X340x340n/x342n the modem cable is properly connected to the J69 on the modem card and J69 on the controller card.

Replace the power supply if needed.

The function and scan quality LEDs illuminate for one second and then flash three times. The user settings information is printed.

Hot fuser service check Note: Press the key to select the page count sub lezmark item.

Verify the springs are inserted into the bearings when re—installing. The top, right, and bottom margins are set automatically when the left margin is set. Align the overlay with the buttons on the MFP, and then press down until the overlay locks into place. Grasp the rear lecmark with your index fingers and thumb on each side of the shaft, and unsnap the link B from the shaft.


Lexmark X and Xn MFP XXX Service Manual |

Pour les autres pays: Disconnect the ground wire connecting the network card to the controller card. From the control panel, press Fax. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

Rotate the power supply assembly so the remaining cables can be removed. Remove the modem speaker assembly.

Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n/Drivers/Scan/Vegas.inf Driver File Contents (

Stop when the holder is unlatched. Remove two screws B that secure the top of the ADF assembly. Remove the two screws. The toner is not being fused.


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