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Of course now I’m stuck with three unopened ink cartridges as well. Will 4mm glass fit?? Have you received any answers? I might add that my brother-in-law is a tech expert at a major university and could never figure out the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune I suffered with this printer. I dont know what the problem is with this printer.

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What can I do? It is a disgrace to spend your hard-earned money for a piece of worthless machine. I told her to dump it. It will not clean.

Unfortunately, the Lexmark web site bytes. Tried that, didn’t work either. Snap the cart back lexmafk the printer and install the cart as the new cart. I bought a new one!

It just keeps hitting the left side really hard. I had, however, tried to download the software from online also, but got the same message They have no idea what they are talking about.


A sweet deal on a Leexmark charger for the car. I just had to have my Win98 re-installed on my computer, then re-installed my Lexmark Z33 afterwards. Our LExmark X83 will not work right ever since.

There seems to be some compatibility issue between the driver and Win XP.

Lexmark X83 Driver X

My printer says unlock scanner and it will not do anything. I had to get the updated software directly from Lexmark. What do I do when I get “cartridge short press power key” in my message screen?

It worked fine yesterday. I’ll try to contact tech support with this info and see if I get anything back. And now when I open the door where the cartridges are, they don’t move to the center.

We recently got a new computer with XP. I keep coming up with error Help if anyone have the same problem. A – Using the operating panel on the printer: Power Power Consumption Operational. Why can’t they face the fact What is “the trasparent tape” anyway???


Move the red lock switch at the back of the printer from the down position to the up position, and then move it back to the down position.

Lexmark X83 Printer Problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

It slides right back in. Now I get the “Unlock scanner” message when I turn the printer on and a loud buzzing sound.

It is a narrow plastic strip with metal wires in it that runs the entire width of the printer’s interior. Remove the cartridges and clean the thin transparent strip that runs horizontally across the inside.

Lexmark X83 Printer Problem

It will feed the paper through and print a blank page. Would appreciate any help.

Is the adapter rated 30V?


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