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Box opened for inspection purposes. We will NOT check compatibility for you. It would be great if there was some software for it but my research has run dry. Make sure this is what you intended. No original box I threw it out because it ripped:

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Getting a PS3 Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick to work on PC – PC – Giant Bomb

Have any of you installed one of those before? Smug, one of the most incredible players of Street Fighting boxer Dudley ever to walk the earth, also uses a controller — and, really, look at his combos.

It features some nifty design including a hood-popping topm mechanism to give you quick access for swapping buttons and the stlck and a generally rock-solid construction.

I already have a Xbox TE stick and this would be a secondary stick for when I sttick people over and we’re playing fighting games. Was it just a plug-n-play situation or did it need some configuring and computer magic to function properly?

I have a HORI RAP 4 that i use when i play Street Fighter and i’m using JoyToKey it could be a bit fiddly to set up and i think you might have to create different profiles for different games since you’re basically rebinding your keyboard buttons to the stick, but it works fine with no noticable lag that i can tell at least.


I’m looking at it and it looks to me that I would need to bypass the TE’s board and control panel with that, which is arccade, I guess. Ctz is brand new with cord still wrapped with original twist tie in plastic. You can also use PS3 to XB1 converters from them too and works fine. Just keep in mind that this feels more like a short-term stop gap than a long-term solution. Street Fighter arcadd Anniversary Collection.

Madcatz fightstick PS3 | eBay

Sticks, for my money, are just more comfortable. For your extra cash over something like the Drone the main advantage is you get a stick with a much larger spread allowing for more hand room, and you also get Hori-brand Hayabusa buttons. If you have any questions let me know!

Based on what I’ve read the board should function but I’d like to hear some more opinions if you guys have any. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

These are massive pros, as is the fact that the stick effortlessly switches between PS3, PS4 and PC with the flick of a switch on the stick proper. Arcade Sticks — why use one?

Also, would it cause any problems when used simultaneously with my current TE? Used in very good shape, octagonal restrictor plate installed. They sell PS3 to converters. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.


Getting a PS3 Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick to work on PC

Please Log In to post. The outer boxes back top edge has started to lift. The build quality feels a little cheaper than the Drone and it uses similar own-brand buttons and parts, but this is a great super-cheap beginner stick. The Panthera is their second generation of stick, and after some serious missteps in the first generation this is stickk a solid, high quality stick — a true contender.

I, for instance, am bloody useless without a stick — and it took me far too long to discover that fact. Oh, then i have no idea, sorry.

Have an issue with your item?. Cable and hexagonal screwdriver included.

Ran out of space and I don’t need the fight stick anymore. It also comes in a variety of colors. Please refer to picture! No box but still like new.

No original box I threw it out because it ripped:


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