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Don’t get screwed by our competition! Or, better yet someone else’s idea here cut a small section of solid copper wire of proper size and drop that in. Metric Nuts Refine Results. Hope to hell it aint metric. I’m sure that you can then get what you need at either Ace Hardware or Lowe’s.

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It’s what they doright?

Don’t get screwed by You may not be able to find a set screw, but you can use an allen head cap screw. You may be able to locate similar acorn nuts locally at mstric dealers.

I’m fairly certain the guys at the screw shop are knowledgeable nht to figure it out. You will get one bag of 5 pieces of Steel. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. NOT previously rejected for quality issues or rescued from a scrap yard.

The metric screw should be available at any good hardware store. A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. They have pretty much every screw, nut and bolt known to man.


By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. A sealed package of M2. Polymer bearings applications overview.

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Avoid pain, scars and lawsuits by covering bare bolt ends with smooth acorn nuts. I do still wish I knew ketric the size was so i do have to” try it and see” and strip my threads. Justin Send a message to Miha and just ask him what the dimensions are.

I lost one out of my first Mihec not long after I started using it. You should be able to go to any decent machine shop supply, or similar and get what you need. Go to applied products here. Nylon collar replaces lock washers preventing bolts from coming out for a more secure and durable hold.

NOTpreviously rejected for quality issues or rescued from a scrap yard. Specification sheet for each item below.

Made in Taiwan Ship This page was last updated: Quiet printing Alongside the smart design, the outstanding features of the printer include a high flexibility which is achieved in part by a print head for two filaments and linear guides with flexible magnetic joints. If there was a mistake on our end, we will make it right! Looking for another size or mkha.


3D Printing machine

Lost one last night.: Hope to hell it aint metric. Thanks guys I think there is a Tacoma Screw place in Kent, just down the road. I just asked him where I could get some.

Metric Nuts Refine Results. In order to provide you with a more enjoyable website experience we use cookies to store your information.

3D Printing machine

Class 10 is kiha to Grade 8. Take the mould in with you. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten two or more parts together.


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