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I think this is the worst fone motorola ever made. Its good only in brand new for about a year. I loved it but it was stolen by the Gipsy. Capacity – The bigger, the better! I had it before 2 years. Well am in Ghana and interested in this phone how can i get it.

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My uncle had it. Resolution – Refers to the width and the length od the additional display 96 x 32 pixels.

Motorola V specs

Talk time – As rated by manufacturer. Next, the receiver speaker somehow failed. Facebook Twitter Google plus.

I had it before 2 years. First, I started getting weaker reception. Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer’s unique usage pattern.

Compare Motorola V303 vs Motorola Fire XT

Then, the screen died and I had to get it repaired luckily, it was still under warranty the first time. Stand-by time – As rated by manufacturer. If v3303 are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. Computer sync Phone features Notifications: Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video.


Links Motorola V Official Page. One of my coworkers also has the V, and his phone screen just died last week. Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year. His is still in warranty.

Well am in Ghana and interested in this phone how can i get it. I didn’t use gprs or wap.

How can i pay so that you can send it to me. Apple should stop making iPhone cases. Feb 10, Market status: Resolution – Refers to the width and the length od the additional display.

Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space. Best smartwatches this year. After the charging errors begins, phone works for a week or two. The screen has a time when it jus omtorola and jus go blank or white. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets.

Motorola V – Price, Full Specifications & Features at Gadgets Now

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Newest first Oldest first Best rating.


Several of the buttons also began to stick so that you had to push and hold the button to make it work. It was a present for my birthday.

Compare Motorola RAZR MAXX vs Motorola V303

Voice dialing, Voice recording To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. Despite our efforts to provide full and correct Motorola V specifications, there is always a possibility of making a mistake.

I had the phone for over mototola year and used it normally. Here are the facts.


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